Develop better treatments of higher safety, contributing to the enhancement of global health.

We also aim to achieve a 10% ROI and a 75% reduction in time to develop a drug through AI-driven innovations along the development process.

RNA Therapeutics

The future of drug development will depend on RNA therapeutics, because they can be alternatives to incurable diseases that could not be treated before.


RNA therapeutics are attracting attention as a dream therapy that can treat all diseases since they can directly control the expression of mRNAs. So far, 13 RNA therapeutics have been approved by the FDA. This is only the beginning. After the success of the mRNA vaccines for COVID-19, the development of mRNA therapeutics is expected to grow even more explosively.

Spidercore has the solution: Our AI Platform untangles the complexity in RNA biology, identifies novel targets, and evaluates thousands of possibilities to identify the best therapeutic candidates.

We seek to program therapies for any gene and any genetic condition.

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AIO Platform

The AIO (AI + BIO) platform means an RNA therapeutics design platform that combines artificial intelligence technology and bio database.

The AIO platform consists of discovering biomarkers by identifying MoA (Mechanism of Action) of diseases, designing the optimal sequence of RNA therapeutics, and predicting the best chemical modifications for RNA therapeutics.

In the novel target discovery phase, we integrate 5M OMICS database from transcriptome, genome, epigenomce and proteome database, and store them. In addition, we extract the valid information from documents (such as papers, patents, and clinical trial results) by applying NLP (Natural language processing) based text mining techniques.

It is important to design optimal sequences to treat diseases based on understanding biomarkers and the mechanism of action of disease. In order for RNA therapeutics to control the expression of genes, high efficacy and safety in the body must be ensured. The AIO platform uses artificial intelligence models to design optimal RNA sequence to maximize efficacy and safety.

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